Determination of pesticide residues in some oilseeds and nuts using LC-MS/MS analysis, Fresenius Environmental Bulletin 24(2A), 2015, 615-620


The current study was carried out to determine the pesticide residues in some oil seeds and nuts sold in local bazaars around the city of Gaziantep, and to assess the cumulative risk potential for the population in the city. In this context, 43 samples (6 pistachios, 5 sunflowers, 6 pumpkins, 3 water melons, 15 walnuts and 8 olive fruits) were analyzed for pesticide residues by using LC-MS/MS. Accordingly, dichlorvos was detected in two pistachio samples (0.130±0.032 and 0.296±0.074 mg/kg), respectively, and 0.021±0.001 mg/kg acetamipride was detected in one pistachio sample both being higher than the maximum residue limit set as 0.01 mg/kg for dichlorvos and acetamipride in Turkish Food Codex. Omethoate was determined in two olive samples (0.713±0.014 and 0.595±0.012 mg/kg) below the Turkish Food Codex limit (2 mg/kg).

Ozkan, A.
Department of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts, Gaziantep University, Gaziantep, Turkey


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