AgroStrat for Farmers

AgroStrat developed a guide for farmers aiming to assist them in implementing project results. The guide analyzes in simple words the Integrated Management Scenario, the key deliverable of Agrostrat, focusing on how it can be implemented by farmers. Download the Guide here.

AgroStrat for Policy Makers

AgroStrat released a very useful report for assisting Policy Makers to implement its results and mainly to consider designing regional plans based on the overall project deliverable, namely "The Integrated Management Scenario".

Download the Guide here

The Pistachio industry in Italy

An article by E. Barone and F.P. Marra regarding pistachio production in Italy and its perspectives.

Download the article here

World production and trade of pistachios: the role of the U.S. and factors affecting the export demand of U.S. Pistachios

ABSTRACT: The primary purpose of this study is to evaluate the role of the US in the worldwide production and trade of pistachios, identify and estimate the major factors affecting export demand for US pistachios in 21 major markets, accounting for 78 percent of total US pistachio exports. The study estimated the impacts of US pistachio own price, cross price, importing markets’ GDP, real exchange rates and effect of food safety shocks. A panel data analysis was conducted using data from 1989 to 2009. A Houseman test indicated that the random effects estimator was the chosen estimator.

Physical, compositional and sensory differences in nuts among pistachio (Pistachia vera L.) varieties, Scientia Horticulturae 125 (2010) 562–568

ABSTRACT: Differences in some physical, compositional and sensory characteristicsamongeight varieties of pistachio nuts (Aegina, Pontikis, Bronte, Cerasola, Joley, Kerman, Mumtaz and Sirora) from different origins were studied. The evaluated varieties were cultivated under the same field conditions and the dried nuts were utilised.


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