The effect of compost produced from pistachio and rice wastes on micronutrients and physiological parameters of Epipremnum aureum in greenhouse condition


This experiment was carried to evaluate the effects of pistachio hull and rice husk compost, as culture medium, on Chlorophyll contents, Phenol, Carotenoide and micronutrients of Scindapsus aureus (Scindapsus aureus) plants. Rooted cuttings were used as plant materials and cultured in pots (40×30cm) filled with the following media: S1= 50% leaf mould + 50% Soil (control), S2 = 100% rice husk, S3 = 70% rice husk + 30% pistachio hull, S4: 50% rice husk + 50% pistachio hull, S5= 30% rice husk + 70% pistachio hull and S6 = 100% pistachio hull. Our data showed that all measured parameters decreased when pistachio hull was greater than 50%, so that the Fv/Fm and Ch a was increased using pistachio hull rate up to 50% and decreased in S5 (30% rice husk + 70% pistachio hull). The Zn and Mn concentration of root was increased using pistachio hull rate up to 50%. Application of rice husk in combination with pistachio hull, improved growth of plants. The best vegetative parameters obtained with S4 and S2.

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Hamir Reza Karimi
Department of Horticultural Science, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Vali-e-Asr, Rafsanjan, Kerman, Iran