The Catalytic Co-pyrolysis of Waste Tires and Pistachio Seeds, Energy Sources, Part A, 36:2070–2077, 2014


The pyrolytic oil produced from waste tire and non-food related biomass can be used both as an energy source and feedstock for chemical production. In the present work, the pyrolysis of waste tire and pistachio seed and their blends was carried out at 500 oC in the absence and presence of catalyst (Criterion 424). The influences of the mixture composition and catalyst ratio on oil yield and characteristics were determined by some chromatographic and spectroscopic techniques, and analysis showed that a hydrogen transfer and a synergetic effect during catalytic co-pyrolysis of the waste tire and biomass improved the quality of the pyrolytic oil.


Ö. Onay
Chemical Engineering, Anadolu University, Eskisehir, Turkey