Managing pistachio waste at field

Simple waste management systems were developed by Dr. M. Doula and Prof. K. Komnitsas and implemented at the two pilot fields in Aegina.

The first one by constructing three shallow evaporation ponds and the second one by building four sequential collection reservoirs.

Both of them can be implemented for managing pistachio waste immediately after waste production at field level.


The proposed systems ensure environment protection (soil, water resources, sea) since the uncontrolled discharge can be significantly limited. After the evaporation, the remaining solid part can be composted with other agricultural waste. Therefore, these practices provide farmers an integrated solution for waste management at field level as well as, waste exploitation for the production of composts that can be recycled in the cultivation. 






 The three shallow evaporation ponds (Aegina island, Greece)





Prof. K. Komnitsas, Dr. M. Doula. Design of the pistachio waste management systems at the pilot fields in Aegina island, Greece.


Sequential waste management system in Aegina island, Greece